Eagle Training Resources, LLC Putting the Puzzle Together for Food Safety
Eagle Training Resources, LLCPutting the Puzzle Together for Food Safety

What Are People Saying About EagleTraining Resources???


Eagle Training Resources specializes in assisting food service operators to meet their training and regulatory requirements for Food Safety.   Since March 2014 we have worked with over 1500 Food Service Professionals to attain their Manager Certification for ServSafe®

Our satisfied clients include:

  • Jim,I wanted to take a quick moment to say thank you for the wonderful job you did teaching the ServSafe class this week.  Your years of experiences in both the food service and medical fields helped make the class enjoyable as well as filled with real life examples and discussion.My lack of food and safety knowledge made me a little nervous as I walked into the classroom.  This was quickly changed to excitement as you introduced yourself, gave the daily objectives, and started teaching.It was a great pleasure learning from you.  You are extremely passionate and dedicated about food safety as it showed in your class.  I look forward to my re-certification in 5 years. Sincerely, Nathan Jackson, The Sweet Batter,Buford, GA 1/27/2016


  • Thanks for all your help teaching the class and getting my certificate e-mailed to me. However, my e-mail acts weird and I never got a chance to save the certificate to my computer. Is it possible for you to send it again so I may do that this time? Thanks! Nick Pilger


  • Thank you for the instruction! It obviously worked! (Matt scored 98%)Matt 12/15/2015


  • Thank you Mr. Behnke,You are a big part of my success on the exam. Thank you! I will definitely print some of the information on your web site for my employee and unit operations manual.  Thank you for the resources. Andin Sent from my iPad On Dec 8, 2015, at 9:19 PM,


  • I really enjoyed your class and learned a lot!  We are going to make it a requirement that all of our staff attend your class moving forward!!Henry tomdickandhank@gmail.com  11/7/2015


  • Thanks Jim...Cobb Health Dept inspector wanted. Learned a lot.  (His Certificate)J. Buffalo Wings 11/5/2015


  • Good Evening Mr. Behnke-We really enjoyed your training and to be honest I would not have passed without your thorough review! I have 2 more employees that I am looking to send to the ServSafe Training. I briefly remember you saying that you rotate classes.  Thanks again! Kellie October 20, 2015






  • Thank you. You did a great job. Diona Wheeler <dionawheeler@gmail.com>



  • Thank you so much for working her in!!Amy Davis, Director of Food and Nutrition  Emory Johns Creek



  • Thank you Jim.  Class was great I learned a lot.  All the Best,Michael Clarke  DelFriscos Grill 8/4/2015 Del Friscos Grille - Atlanta <dfgrille.Atlanta@dfrg.com>


  • Thank you, Jim! I logged on to the servsafe.com website and I'm able to see my score. However, it doesn't give me an option to print or download the certificate. Could you please send it to me? Thank you again for everything! Have a great weekend! Vivian 7/25/2015 (sent her certificate)

  • Thank you so much!!! Your class was so helpful and I learned so much! I am trying to get some of the girls that work for me to take their ServSafe as well, so everyone can have the correct knowledge of the health codes and know what could potentially harm our customers.  Thank you again!!                                                                                                    -Ashlyn R  7/6/2015

  • Thank you so much for all your help and patience with me!!!  See you in 5 years!!! Sandra E, Chef 7/6/2015

  •  Mr. Jim Behnke,

     I am so thankful for your class. Your instructing was very detailed and

    very informative.

     I was very concerned and nervous having to take a test,its only been 30

    years since I've been in any classroom  setting.But once in class,I felt at

    ease cause it was a small group and we each were able to ask any questions.

    I am  proud and honored to say that MR.B.got me serve safe certified. Thanks

    so much.


    Tamiko J.  May 2015

  • Hi Jim, 

Just wanted to let you know that I received my e-certificate today. I passed 83%! 

I enjoyed your class very much! It was very informative. I was obsessed with that book for three days after the training :) I would do much better today if I had to take it again :) 

I really think everyone in a food industry should take the training class at least. I will be sending my employees for sure. 

So pleasure to meet you. Best regards, Aneta S.  5/21/2015

  • This is great news for me Jim - thank you for the awesome job you did with the training! - when will I get the certificate? will it be mailed to me or available online for me to download and print, or both?  Cape Pies <capepies@gmail.com>  4/27/2015
  • Hello Jim,

Thank you for the information. You have greatly contributed to my success, and I appreciate your kindness and help. I will let you know what further help I may need.Have a great day.Shirley N.  2/28/2015

  • Thank you, Mr. Jim! I’m super glad I did so well and I most definitely have you to thank for that. Thank you so much again. You’re a fantastic teacher and I'm really glad I found you! Laticia  3/6/2015
  • Hi Jim,

Thank you so much, I passed it. Because you are the best teacher!

Please mail it to below addressKyoji O.  Kailua Kona Hi 96740.

But house won’t be ready until March 5th so please mail after that.

Thank you so much! Kyoji


  • JimThank you again for an excellent class. Very much worth the time and effort. I learned a great deal and can now talk to my beautiful wife intelligently about these things even if I don't much agree with her, the rules or the fact that penguin can't be on the menu but Emu can!Thank you for the insight and I will be reaching out to your church. Before I do I would like your permission to use you as a reference / referral when I do. Having someone from the congregation as an ally would certainly be a benefit to creating a comfort.Again, thank you for your time and effort and I look forward to seeing you again.Holden C.
  • Yea!!!! Thank you so much Jim. Am so happy Gladys 2/10/2015
  • Hi Jim,

I had a great time in your class! Thank you for being very through and informative. Thank you, Leah B 
Sent from my iPhone  2/7/2015

  • Good morning Jim, I received my certificate.  Thank you again! Have a good day. Janella
  • Thank you, Jim.  I appreciate your help. Shawn A
  • Thank you for all your help I enjoyed the class.
  • Thanks Jim. I am so Excited! The test was not so easy.  Could you send me information for my husband to take the class? He would also like to be certified. He is the "Real Cook" in the house. Great Class!

Thanks, Tracey R

  • Thanks Jim.  We enjoyed your class and learned a lot.  Take care and thanks again! Kevin M. Director of Food and Beverage Bear's Best Atlanta
  • Hi Jim,I had a great time in your class! Thank you for being very through and informative. Thank you, Leah B Sent from my iPhone  2/7/2015
  • Thank you for all your help I enjoyed the class.
  • Thank you, Jim.  I appreciate your help. Shawn A
  • Good morning Jim, I received my certificate.  Thank you again! Have a good day. Janella

  • When someone is good at what they do and goes beyond "the call of duty" to be helpful, I want to sing their praises.  Jim Behnke did just that for me.  I was in a bind and needed a proctor for one of the ServSafe exams.  He sent me additional study materials, and agreed to meet me on a holiday to proctor the exam to me.  His operation, from contacting him, to signing up, to paying was one simple process.  He came to the site with everything I needed to to take the exam, all I needed was a computer and my ID.  I was prepared because of the materials he had sent me.  I would highly recommend him for any of the ServSafe courses that he teaches and as a proctor for the exams.  I am only sorry I did not take the original course from him, as I probably would not have been so desperate for his proctoring service.  I feel certain I would have passed the exam the first time had he been my original teacher. Words cannot express my gratitude for your accommodations to my needs! Thank you. Gordon B. Mitchell   Jan 22, 2014

  • Thanks Jim. I am so Excited! The test was not so easy.  Could you send me information for my husband to take the class? He would also like to be certified. He is the "Real Cook" in the house. Great Class!Thanks, Tracey R
  • Thank you. The class was great. I learned a lot and enjoyed it. Yea you passed patrickd with a score of 88% 1/16/2015
  • Hi Jim! Thought we could connect on here (Linkedin) for future endeavors/instruction. Enjoyed the class yesterday and look forward to getting my score! Thanks for having me at the last minute.
    Cheers,Christy D.
  • I had a great teacher!!!

    Thank you so much!!

    Can you please mail to my job...address below

    L.P., Pastry Supervisor

    The Ritz-Carlton, Buckhead

  • Good morning Mr.Behnke-

    Thank you for your excellent instruction and guidance during our training session prior to our ServSafe exam.  Although, I didn't become your 2nd perfect score student, your class was invaluable in helping me focus and learn.B.Rgds.DSL

  • Thank you so much.. It was all thanks to you. Sent from my iPhone   Ale
    On Oct 20, 2014, at 3:51 PM, Jim Behnke <jgbehnke@outlook.com> wrote: Congratulations!!!!  You Passed

  • Great, thanks Jim. Everyone was pleased about the class and I had some good feedback.Will the certificates be sent to our office or to each participant in the class? Thanks.Joe Brittain, RH Events & Promotions, LLC  jbrittain@yesrh.com

  • Jim,This is music to my ears...thanks so much! Our business info is below:Planet Smoothie - Peachtree Center Mall 231 Peachtree Street FC-14 Atlanta, GA 30303 Www.planetsmoothie.com You were a fantastic trainer...I'll highly recommend you! Regards,TuRhonda Willingham
  • Hi Jim,Thank you for an informative and fun class.

    Sincerely, Jeneane McGuire jeneane@lastresortgrill.com

  • Hi, Jim.Well, I got a 90 on my exam! You were such a wonderful instructor and really went through the material, so I'm not shocked at all. I talked to my advisor and he said I need to send my "transcript" to Gwinnett Tech? I'm not entirely sure what that entails (the certification? proof of attendance?), and I'm not sure if you have that or it'll be sent to me in the next week. l you've done…I don't think you realize what a huge relief this is for me.Thanks again (again),Christina

  • Thank you so much Mr. Jim for being an outstanding instructor. I did not have time to study beforehand , but after being in your class, I felt extremely comfortable with my test and guess what I PASSSSSSSSSSSED with an 82!!!! Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!  I know it is sort of late but I just found out !!! Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!!!!

  • Attention: You are receiving this email because your opinion or someone in your organizations opinion  is very important in the revisions to the Georgia Food Code 2014!

    Karen I. Bremer

    Executive Director

    Georgia Restaurant Association

  • Howdy Jim,

    I just got my results and didn't do as good as I imagined. I got a 91, but thought I would be higher. I definitely learned quite a bit, thank you for the knowledge you imparted. Be well.


    Todd - Brickstore Pub

  • Thanks again for all of your help and it has been a pleasure working with you!

    If you are ever in need of tasty cupcakes, cookies, or ice cream, you know where to find us! :)


    Laura Potter

    General Manager

    sprinkles cupcakes and ice cream atlanta

    3393 peachtree rd ne 3064b

    atlanta, ga 30326

    phone 404.846.1599404.846.1599

    fax 404.846.1682



  • Thanks Jim! I had a great time in your class and am very proud that I scored a 93% on this! I received the email from you while we were on a brewery tour in Athens and made sure to show all the Your Pie staff! Will they tell me which ones I missed?

Morgan C. Maclellan

Owner,  Your Pie

123 Perimeter Center West, Ste 200

Atlanta, GA 30346

423-504-4611423-504-4611 (c)



  •  Hi Jim, I just wanted to let you know that I received my certificate. Thank you for setting up my proctored test so quickly and getting my certificate to me. I couldn’t believe how quickly I received it! You were great to work with!! Thanks, JoAnn


  • really appreciate the interaction in class we had which made it a lot easier to learn!! They had a few question I realize I might of got wrong because they were kinda of tricky but I hope I passed!! Thanks again for the class I really enjoyed the way you treated the course with passion!! I have a few other guys I work with that there time is coming up to recertify and I will defiantly give them your email address to test with you!!!  Once again thanks,Lenard

  • A restaurant operator whose ServSafe® expired. He completed the course online and the exam was given at his restaurant.  He was excited to know he passed right after he completed the test.  This was during his busy holiday time.
  • A person who was hired for a new job.  His supervisor told him that he needed to be have
    ServSafe® certification prior to starting next week. He completed the online course and was notified he passed the exam.  He can log into the ServSafe® website to verify his score till he receives his certificate. He was excited to get this completed within two business days of his call. He can now start his new job on time.


Client Industries

We proudly serve clients from a wide range of industries, including:

  • Healthcare
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Catering
  • Others Where a Food Service License is Required

HARPC is used with the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2011. Click for info.

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