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What is the "Germiest" Profession?

20 % of Reusable Office Coffee Mugs have fecal matter. Click link

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Food Safety Begins at the Receiving Dock

This is a common place that that is often ignored for PHF - Potentially Hazardous Foods.  The time that foods are in the danger zone starts here.


Click Here for article

Are We Washing Our Hands Properly?

We may think that hand washing is simple and is many times overlooked by those preparing and serving food. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says "

Food Safety Doesn't Stop at Work

Our Food Service background makes it a habit while we are at work.  What about at home.  What abour holiday parties? What about day to day routines at home with our family?  Do our children and teenagers know about food safety? Here is a link that will help everyone focus on safe food handling at home.

How do we Handle Recalls - Example Tyson Chicken


As a food Service operator we must always follow HACCP practices from the time the food items are ordered till they are served.  Proper handling and cooking can reduce the risks to our customers.  What if the product was recalled after we received and served the item? Do you have a crisis plan in place? Do you have a recall procedure in place? Do you have monitoring for cooking to proper temperatures?


When the foods reach these temperatures for 15 seconds, most harmful bacteria and viruses are killed or reduced to harmless levels.


165 Degrees F - Reheat all leftover foods, all poultry, stuffed products including pasta, foods cooked in the microwave, wild game and when combining already cooked and raw items (casseroles


155 Degrees F - All ground animal foods, flavor injected meats, eggs for hot holding


145 Degrees F - All fish and shellfish, chops and steaks, fresh eggs and egg products for immediate service


135 Degrees F - Commercially processed products for hot holding, vegetables and fruits for hot holding. 



See the Tyson Foods Recall information. Click Here



HARPC is used with the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2011. Click for info.

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June 26, 2014 Click Link for article. Amost 600 people affected.

Salmonella Outbreak

When we as Food Service Operators do not have a working HACCP plan in our facility, we put our staff, our customers and our facility in jeopardy. This article shows the long term effects that occurred with a restaurant customer.  We can never say "It wlll not happen to me." Click here to read the entire article. 

What is the 'Germiest' Profession?

20 % of reusable office coffee mugs carry fecal bacteria. Link

OSHA & Food Safety Modernization act of 2011

Food Safety a Top Concern for Food Service Operators

See what various food service operators are saying about food safety.  Click here.

What are Customers Saying about Food Safety?

Here is an interesting article from Great Britain. Click Here

What do customers say when they find foreign objects in food? Click

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