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HACCP Training for Food Service and Retail Establishments

Goal: Develop a Successful HACCP Plan to Meet Regulatory Regulatory Requirements for Sous Vide, Bakery, Seafood, Cook Chill and Food Processing Plants.

Upon successful completion of Course and Exam, each participant will be awarded a certificate with the International HACCP Alliance Seal.


COST: $395.00- Includes advance mailing of the textbook, 2 days of training, exam and International HACCP Alliance seal for the certificate.


DATES: Will schedule as needed


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The HACCP Food Service Safety for Managers, Owners and Operators of Food Service, Retail Establishments and Food Processing Plants (two day program including the two hour exam) by Instruis Publishing Company.  This course equips the Manager to establish an effective Food Safety/HACCP process for their operations.  The HACCP Food Safety Manager Certification is approved by the International HACCP Alliance.


Most HACCP training programs are targeted for Food Processing.  This program targets food processing plants but also includes food service and retail operations. 


Implementing a Food Safety HACCP plan provides management confidence in knowing that they have set up a system for success, allows for monitoring operation practices and procedures to meet legal responsibilities, and creates a food safety culture. When we have safe food we protect our customers and we protect our organization from liability.


There are Prerequisite Programs that need be mastered to have a successful Food Safety/ HACCP process.

  • The course provides model Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) that can be templates for your organization. eg. Purchasing, Receiving, Storage, Cooking, Service, Food Defense, Language for Job Descriptions, Food Allergens, Food Safety Icons and much more.
  • Recipe Language so all safe process are identified for preparation
  • Food Defense - How to avoid deliberate food contamination from inside and outside your organization. Never say "It can't happen to me?
  • How to manage a food crisis and food recalls. Tips on dealing with media.

With a thorough understanding of the Prerequisite Programs, it gives the foundation to design and implement the HACCP program for your facility and/or company.


HA - Conduct a Hazard Analysis

CCP - Determine Critical Control Points

CL - Establish Critical Limits

M- Establish Monitoring Processes

CA - Taking Corrective Actions

V- Verify the HACCP program is working

RK - Record Keeping and Documentation


The two day course provides model forms and practice exercises for each step of the HACCP process.


HACCP Food Service Safety for Managers, Owners and Operators (two day program including the two hour exam).  This course equips the Manager to establish an effective Food Safety/HACCP process for their food processing and food service operation.  The HACCP Food Safety Manager Certification is approved by the International HACCP Alliance.



Course books will be provided that contain all the content for a resource to develop facility SOP's. and each step of the HACCP process. 


For Questions -Please fill out the Information Request Form. 

OR contact jim@eaglefoodservicetraining.com 770-855-5840



There is an optional - HACCP Food Service Safety for Employees (6 hours +1 hour exam). This course allows the employee to have knowlege of the HACCP program their role with Food Safety.




HACCP Training

HARPC is used with the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2011. Click for info.

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